Your pension is a big deal.

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Throughout every stage of your career – whether it’s just beginning, mid-career, or almost near retirement – your pension is working for you. Discover your Pensionality below to see your pension perks and how you’re setting yourself up for retirement security.

Pension + Personality = Pensionality.

Show me my Pensionality

Your Pensionality is all about how your pension intersects with the current stage in your life. At every career or personal milestone, your pension is working behind the scenes to grow, invest, and secure your retirement income. Your pension is so much more than just a balance – and the Pensionality quiz will prove it!

Take our short, easy quiz to discover your Pensionality. Then, with tailored resources just for you, you can start to learn more about pensions, at your own pace, and in your own time.

The four Pensionality profiles are:

Explorer character graphic

As a new member of the work force, it may be hard to think about retirement. But as you read on, it will become clear why contributing to a DB pension at CAAT is the best retirement savings plan you can have in Canada!

Builder character icon

With every paycheque, you’re building a stronger, more secure retirement future. It happens in the background and CAAT is making sure your contributions go the extra mile. We’ll help you understand how.

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You’re almost at the workforce finish line! You can start planning how you want to enjoy your retirement, and how your CAAT pension will get you there.

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Support and resources from CAAT don’t stop just because you’re retired! You can enjoy your retirement stress-free. We’ll show you how CAAT protects your pension – for life.